Asahi Soft Drinks "" Mitsuya Cider "Jelly"

The first "jelly type" from the Asahi Soft Drinks carbonated drink "Mitsuya" brand is now available. "'Mitsuya Cider' Jelly" will be released on March 17th at vending machines nationwide.

"Mitsuya Cider" jelly is the first jelly product in the 136-year history of the "Mitsuya" brand. You can enjoy the refreshing taste and fruit-derived scent unique to "Mitsuya Cider" along with the stimulation of carbonic acid and the plump texture. Perfect for refreshing during study or work, or when you want to fill your stomach.

Since it can be shaken many times in a PET bottle container, the hardness of the jelly can be adjusted and the texture can be changed. It contains 280g (9.88oz) and the estimated price is 130 yen (excluding tax).