Legendary Suta Donburi "Wild Char Siu Combined Suta Don"
Wild char siu rice bowl

"Wild Char Siu Combined Sutadon" will be on sale from the bowl chain "Legendary Sutadonya" and "Specialty Sutadonten". It will be available from "Meat Day" on February 29th.

The selling price is 950 yen (tax included, same below). On top of a large serving of rice for about 3 bowls, a heap of boiled bean sprouts and the same amount of pork ribs in a bowl that has remained popular since its inception, and a large-sized char siu that will be reprinted for the first time in 7 years. A hearty bowl with two pieces of pork.

A soy sauce-based sauce with spices added to match the char siu, and a "special rich sweet and spicy soy sauce sauce" with kabayaki sauce added. It goes well with the meat of Sutadon, and the taste can be changed mellowly with the mayonnaise and raw eggs that are attached to it, and you can enjoy it until the end.

Wild char siu rice bowl
To the end with special rich sweet and spicy soy sauce sauce, mayonnaise, and eggs!

In addition, you can double the amount of meat in the bowl and increase the amount of char siu to 4 for an additional 360 yen.

In addition, at the legendary Sutadonya, on the 29th of every month, the "Meat Day Campaign" is held to increase the amount of pork ribs of the target product by 50%. On February 29th, in addition to the 9 regular menus such as Sutadon, Sutamina-yaki set meal, Ginger bowl, Ginger-yaki set meal, and Topping Sutadon, Wild Char Siu combined bowl will also be available.