Winter limited "Hot Orange Ginger" Sarabeth

The winter limited-time drink "Hot Orange Ginger" will be released on November 15th at 5 restaurants "Sarabes" (LUMINE Shinjuku / Shinagawa / Tokyo / Nagoya / Osaka) that originated in New York. The price is 680 yen and 780 yen with brandy (tax not included). Limited time until December 31st.

"Hot Orange Ginger" is a hot drink based on orange juice with ginger paste, which is known as a warming ingredient, and sweet and spicy cinnamon. If you add the optional brandy, you can enjoy it as an adult hot cocktail.

It is also recommended to combine it with a variety of menus with a healthy and rich taste of Sarabeth. It is a special hot drink that warms you from the core of your body. A perfect cup for the coming cold winter. If you like ginger, why not give it a try?