Chateraise "Halloween Aunt Cake"
Happy Halloween! (All images are quoted from the official website)

Check out all 5 Halloween-designed cakes sold by Chateraise! "Halloween aunt cake" and "Halloween black cat". The sale period is until October 31st.

・ Halloween Aunt Cake A cake made by layering caramel sauce and custard-filled Anno potato cream on top of almond tart, squeezing pumpkin cream, and squeezing the image of a pumpkin ghost. The price is 320 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Chateraise "Halloween Aunt Cake"

・ Halloween Naughty Ghost A cake with the image of a ghost going to a party by branding the face of a ghost with a branding iron on Gyuhi. Rich chocolate mousse and banana cream with chocolate chips that are refreshing and gorgeous are covered with a chewy fertilizer. The price is 320 yen.

Chateraise "Halloween Naughty Ghost"

・ Halloween Black Cat A Halloween-only sweet with a black cat motif that allows you to fully enjoy the richness of chocolate. The fragrant chocolate mousse made from Belgian couverture chocolate is combined with a refreshing bitter cocoa cookie and grasage is applied. The price is 320 yen.

Chateraise "Halloween Black Cat"

・ Halloween Umitate Egg Pudding A La Mode Halloween-only pudding a la mode. Egg-flavored pudding, mildly sweet whipped cream, and fresh fruit flavor spread in your mouth. The price is 300 yen.

Chateraise "Halloween Fresh Egg Pudding Ala Mode"

・ Halloween Petit Fours 12 pieces Assortment of 4 types of cakes: chocolate, orange, mixed berries, and strawberries. You can enjoy cute Halloween-inspired decorations such as cute ghosts made from whipped cream, pumpkins from orange cream, black cats and sugar candies from Komori. The price is 3,500 yen.

Chateraise "Halloween Petit Fours 12 Pieces"