Starbucks Peach Pink Fruit with Peach Jerry

From the Starbucks Chilled Cup series, "Starbucks Peach Pink Fruit with Peach Jerry" will be released on August 20th. Available at convenience stores nationwide (excluding some), the estimated price is 219 yen (excluding tax).

This is a drink that you can enjoy like a dessert using "pink fruit" with peach as the main ingredient. It is a popular flavor as a limited-time Frappuccino sold in the past at Starbucks stores. Creamy milk is combined with a sweet and juicy peach scent, and peach juice jelly is added to finish. There is also a jelly texture, and the tailoring is satisfying.

The package uses a dome-shaped overcap that reminds us of Frappuccino. It has a gorgeous design that is perfect for summer, with a pink fruit motif.