Tully's Coffee "Tropical Dreams Workle"

"Tropical Dreams Workle" will be released on August 2nd at each Tully's Coffee store (excluding some stores). The price is 650 yen (tax included) for tall size.

A drink devised by a store fellow (employee) who won the "Best Signature Drink Award" in the creative drink category at the 2018 "Tully's Barista Contest". This time, the theme was "Espresso-type swork that feels summer," and the award was given to a drink with a tropical feel that is typical of summer, with the idea that "so that drinkers can enjoy a moment of summer vacation."

Tully's 2018 Barista Contest
2018 Barista Contest

A coconut-flavored sworkle (frozen) with espresso and chocolate sauce topped with mango and pineapple sauce and lime. The sweetness of fruit and coconut and the richness of chocolate sauce are felt in the bittersweetness of espresso, and the last thing that remains is the refreshing finish of lime. It has a complex yet cohesive taste.

The product name "Dream" has the meaning of "I want to make my dreams come true" when drinks born from the barista contest are released nationwide. Enjoy the summery taste full of dreams!