Tully's "Matcha Lista"
Introducing this year, Matcha Lista

Tully's frozen drink "Matcha Lista" has appeared this year as well, so I drank it right away. It is a dessert-like cup that combines a heavy matcha shake with crispy chocolate chips.

The price is 600 yen (tax included) for the short size. Because it is a rich shake, it has enough volume as a snack even if it is short.

Tully's "Matcha Lista"
Sufficient volume as a snack even if it is short

After ordering, I took a self-service straw at the counter and waited until it was completed, and the shop staff prepared a thick straw, saying, "I recommend this straw rather than that straw."

Tully's "Matcha Lista"
Couverture chocolate chips. If it is left as it is, it will not sink in the shake at all

It's hard to think about it, so the more I take the thicker one and drink about the seat, the heavier the shake is, so I can't easily raise the straw. The rich cream and matcha taste seems to be even more chewy than ordinary matcha soft serve ice cream.

It is said that it uses Uji matcha from Kyoto prefecture, and when you taste the sweetness on your tongue, the fragrant tea scent remains like a tail and is comfortable. However, the chocolate chips of Couverture scattered on the top do not sink into the shake, so it is difficult to enter the straw.

Tully's "Matcha Lista"
I mixed it. Now you can enjoy the crispness together

It may be a bad way, but I decided to stir it. Now you can enjoy the texture and aroma of chocolate with the flavor of matcha. It's interesting because the crispy chips are mixed with the crispy and torotoro shakes and the texture is complicated. By the way, even if it is a short size, if you drink it all at once, your stomach will be quite chilly, so it is recommended to taste it little by little.