"Easter Fair" at IKEA Restaurant & Cafe
Easter in Sweden! (Source: Official website)

Every IKEA store has an "Easter Fair" until May 12th. The time is from 11:00 to 20:30 (last order). The place is the IKEA restaurant & cafe on the 2nd floor.

Family and friends such as "Salmon fillet with lemon rice" with lemon rice that you can enjoy spices and texture, "Greedy Easter plate" with plenty of volume, "Flying Jacob" with a recipe devised by a Swedish pilot A lineup of menus that you can enjoy. "Easter cream cake" is also available for dessert.

Click here for a list of fair target menus.

Salmon fillet with lemon rice 899 yen Greedy Easter plate 1,190 yen Flying Jacob 599 yen Asian crispy salad 599 yen Salmon wrap sandwich with asparagus 299 yen Easter cream cake 249 yen