Suntory Chu-Hi "Horoyoi [Mikan Sour]" "Horoyoi [Cool Pear]"
Mandarin oranges & pears!

From the Suntory Chu-Hi "Horoyoi" brand, the limited-time flavors "Horoyoi [Mikan Sour]" and "Horoyoi [Cool Pear]" will be released on April 16th. Alcohol content is 3%. The estimated price is 141 yen each (excluding tax).

Mandarin sour is characterized by a refreshing taste that is perfect for early summer, where you can enjoy the fresh fruit taste. The package is a cool shade based on blue and white, with illustrations of fruits and glasses.

Suntory Chu-Hi "Horoyoi [Mikan Sour]"
It looks refreshing

Cool pears are characterized by a refreshing taste that you can enjoy the refreshing sweetness. The package is designed with an illustration of a pear on a background based on green and yellow.

Suntory Chu-Hi "Horoyoi [Cool Pear]"
A design that expresses the deliciousness of pears

In addition, "Assorted 6 cans pack" and "Assorted 12 cans pack" containing the popular flavor of "Horoyoi" will be released on the same day.