Yamazaki Biscuits "Chip Star S Wagyu Steak Flavor"
Does it taste like meat? (All image sources are official websites)

"Chip Star S Wagyu Steak Flavor" was released by Yamazaki Biscuits on February 4th at a convenience store. It will be released on February 11th at supermarkets.

This is a chip star where you can enjoy the "rich taste of Japanese beef". It seems that the image is a juicy taste that is made by adding salt and pepper to the steak baked on an iron plate. Finished with domestic Wagyu beef extract.

From January, "Chip Star L Kishu Plum Flavor" has also appeared in the "Chip Star" series. A Japanese-style chip star finished with the powder of "Kishu Nankoume". You can enjoy the refreshing acidity of plums and the rich flavor of "Rausu kelp dashi".

Yamazaki Biscuits "Chip Star L Kishu Plum Flavor"
Kishu plum flavor