Nissin Foods "Cup Noodle Mysterious Meat Bowl"
Mysterious meat fan attention!

"Cup Noodle Mysterious Meat Bowl" is on sale at the Nissin Foods Group online store from 10:00 on July 2nd. Limited to 10,000 meals. The estimated price is 250 yen (excluding tax).

A product that reproduces the "mysterious meat bowl" in the "Cup Meshi" series. The soy sauce-flavored soy sauce, which is unique to cup noodles, is combined with rice, plenty of mysterious meat (seasoned minced pork), and green onions. Even with this, the umami that exudes from the mysterious meat that has entered is intertwined with the rice, and it is a hearty dish.

Nissin Foods "Cup Noodle Mysterious Meat Bowl"
Plenty of mysterious meat

When making, it is recommended to shake the cup well before opening the lid and pouring hot water. The mysterious meat floats on the rice, and it looks delicious.