"Chocolate Chip Melon Pan Shoe" for Beard Daddy
Chocolate chip melon bread becomes cream puff !?

New cream puffs "Chocolate Chip Melon Pan Shoe" and "Almond Praline Shoe" are on sale from November 1st at Beard Papa's stores (excluding some stores). The price is 230 yen each (tax included).

Chocolate chip melon bread puff is a cream puff that combines a melon bread dough with a crunchy texture and a smooth melon cream. Chocolate chips are mixed in both the dough and the cream. Limited time offer.

Almond praline choux pastry is a cream puff stuffed with crushed almond praline in "almond croquembouche dough" with a crunchy and fragrant texture. Limited time until November 30th.

Almond praline shoe
Fragrant almond cream puff