Mou Special Lamb Raisin

The classic autumn / winter "ram raisin ice cream". I have discovered a shockingly delicious new work , so I would like to introduce it.

That is Seven-Eleven's "Mou Special Rum Raison-Butter Fragrance-" . It will be on sale nationwide from October 3rd (excluding some stores). The price is 173 yen (tax included).

Mou Special Lamb Raisin
"Mou Special Rum Raison-Scent of Butter-"

This product is "a little adult milk ice cream" that is a mixture of California raisins and old jamai rum. What is a little different from the others is that the butter flavor is added. It has a taste like "raisin butter sand".

When I actually eat it ... it tastes like raisin butter sand!

Mou Special Lamb Raisin
Just raisin butter sand!

The base milk ice cream has a moderately effective rum and butter flavor, and has a mellow, elegant and gorgeous taste. The taste of milk, lamb and butter is irresistible!

The plump and juicy raisins add rich sweetness and sourness to the place where this alone is delicious enough. The flavor of rum exudes from the raisins, and you can enjoy a more fragrant and luxurious taste.

Mou Special Lamb Raisin
Plenty of plump raisins

"Mou Special Lamb Raisin" that you want to taste and eat. Please try it at night relaxing time!