Katsuya "Char siu egg chicken cutlet bowl"
Meat x meat volume bowl!

At Tonkatsu Katsuya stores (excluding some stores), a new product "Char Siu Egg Chicken Katsu Don" will be released on September 22nd. The price is 637 yen (tax included).

This product is a katsudon that combines char siu and fried egg with a hearty chicken cutlet. It is said that the taste of "meat x meat", in which chicken cutlet is wrapped in char siu, is entwined with tamari soy sauce.

In addition, the "Additional Char Siu Egg Chicken Katsu Don", which has increased the amount of char siu to 7, will also be developed. The price is 853 yen (tax included).

Katsuya "Char siu egg chicken cutlet bowl"
Additional version of char siu

Both are limited-time and limited-quantity menus for about one month. Please on the day when you want to eat solid meat.