"Morinaga hot cake style pudding" "Cheerio Morinaga hot cake taste"
"Morinaga hot cake" for pudding and ice cream

"Morinaga Hotcake Style Pudding" that expresses the taste of "Morinaga Hotcake" will be released on October 3rd, and "Cheerio Morinaga Hotcake Flavor (1 bottle)" will be released on November 6th.

Morinaga hotcake-style pudding is a product that combines hotcake-style pudding with the flavor of wheat and butter with maple syrup-style sauce. It has a nostalgic taste that is inspired by Morinaga hot cakes. By folding the small cup of the twin cup container and sprinkling the sauce on it, you can enjoy the "freshly made deliciousness".

Morinaga hot cake style pudding
It's like a fresh pancake?

Cherio Morinaga Hotcake Flavor is a chocolate bar ice cream that you can enjoy the taste of Morinaga hotcake and the taste of maple syrup and butter melting at the same time. A custard-flavored chocolate bar is placed in the center of the pancake-flavored ice cream and coated with maple-flavored chocolate with a buttery scent.

Cheerio Morinaga hot cake flavor

The estimated price is 140 yen for pudding and 130 yen for Cheerio (both excluding tax).