Momitoy "Choco Mint Shake"

Mamitoy will be offering a "Choco Mint Shake". It will be available from May 30 to July 3. The price is 630 yen for a medium size (tax included).

MomiToy Choco Mint Shake

This original shake has a refreshingly sweet taste and is made with peppermint syrup and chocolate chips. In addition to the refreshing mint flavor, customers can enjoy the texture of the sticky brown sugar tapioca and crunchy chocolate chips. It can be mixed with Momitoyo's original brown sugar tapioca on top.

Momi Toy

Momi Toy was born from Momi & Toy's, a crepe store in Taiwan. Unlike tea specialty stores, Momi Toy's specializes in Taiwanese drinks with a menu that focuses on color and texture, which is unique to the sweets brand. A list of stores can be found on the official website.