Aoyagi Sohonka "Chocolette Uirou
(Image source: Aoyagi Sohonke official website)

The official website announced that Aoyagi So-Honke has introduced a new limited time flavor of "Choco-Rite Uirou", which will be available until February 14. The price is 648 yen per package (tax included).

Aoyagi Sohonke Choco-Rite Uirou

A smooth texture chocolate Uirou is filled with green tea bean paste from Nishio and steamed to perfection.

Shelf life is 20 days from the date of manufacture. The package size is approximately 18 x 4.4 x 3.4cm, and contains two half-size raw uirou weighing 145g (5.11oz) each.

Available at directly managed stores, department stores in Nagoya, and the official online store. The official online store charges a separate delivery fee for each region and size. However, if the total amount is more than 10,800 yen per delivery address, the delivery fee is free. In addition to this, due to the limited quantity of raw uirou, it may take one to three days from order to shipping.