Seven-Eleven "Burrito Double Ham & Cheese"
"Double" ham and cheese

From Seven-Eleven's popular "Burrito" series, "Burrito Double Ham & Cheese" will be released in limited quantities on October 3 (excluding some stores). The price is 380 yen (tax included).

The Seven Burrito series released in 1983 is a long-selling product that can be warmed up and easily eaten with one hand. Ingredients such as cheese, ham and meat sauce are wrapped in tortilla dough.

The burrito ham & cheese that appears this time is a double amount of the ingredients of the standard product "burrito ham & cheese". In May of last year (2016) and this year (2017), it was sold exclusively on Seven & i's online shopping site "Omni 7" and was very well received.

Juicy ham and natural cheese with the delicious taste of meat are wrapped in a fragrant and crisp tortilla dough. The hearty "double burrito" with twice as much ingredients seems to satisfy your hunger more than ever.