Napoli's PIZZA & CAFFE Tokorozawa Keyakidai will hold the "Authentic Kiln Grilled Pizza 350 Yen Fair" from November 14th to 29th.

Don't miss this chance!
Don't miss this chance!

This is held from the desire to let more people know about "Margherita", which is a "Napolis specialty" for 350 yen per sheet. The fair is divided into two parts.

In the first installment from November 14th to 22nd, the popular teriyaki pizza "Balotelli" (regular price 800 yen) and the "spicy" pizza "Diabora" (550 yen), which is also popular with men, are special prices. It will be sold for 350 yen. In addition, the pasta "Bolognese" will be offered at a reduced price of 500 yen instead of the regular price of 800 yen.

In the second installment from November 23rd to 29th, the popular "Quattro Formage" (regular price 550 yen) and the pizza "Bismarck" (700 yen) with hot balls will both be offered for 350 yen. .. Also, the regular price of 850 yen pasta "Carbonara" will be 500 yen during the period.

The popular Italian sweet "Panzerotti" (regular price of 100 yen) will be 50 yen, and draft beer will be offered at half price of 250 yen.

However, the target pizza is up to 2 pieces per set, and pasta is up to 1 point per set.