The temperature has dropped sharply, and the approaching winter footsteps. The food you want to eat on a cold day is ... after all, " nabe "!

The results of a questionnaire survey on vegetables recommended for hot pot cooking, which are indispensable for such winter dining tables, have been released by Takii & Co. (target audience: men and women in their 20s and 60s).

What kind of hot pot do you guys eat?
What kind of hot pot do you guys eat?

◆ What are the recommended vegetables that are delicious when you put them in a hot pot?

1st place: Chinese cabbage (72.8%)
2nd place: Mushrooms (53.8%)
3rd place: Radish (51.1%)
4th place: Green onion (48.6%)
5th place: garland chrysanthemum (38.1%)

Vegetables that are indispensable for hot pot, Chinese cabbage is number one!
Vegetables that are indispensable for hot pot, Chinese cabbage is number one!

Chinese cabbage, which is in season in winter, came in first place, ahead of second place and below. From 20's to 60's, it ranked first in all age groups. Among them, the approval rating from the 20s and 60s seems to be particularly high.

The second place is "mushrooms". There are many types of mushrooms such as shimeji mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, maitake mushrooms, and shiitake mushrooms, and the crispy texture of the mushrooms enhances your satisfaction. It's indispensable for hot pots, isn't it? It is also a high point that it will serve delicious dashi when boiled.

It ’s a good dashi, right?
It ’s a good dashi, right?

What was surprising to me personally was the popularity of "crowdaisy". The higher the age, the higher the approval rating of garland chrysanthemum. When I was a kid, I didn't like that bitterness, but as I grew up, I began to understand how delicious it was.

In addition, 6th place and below are followed by Mizuna, cabbage, garlic, carrot, and Japanese mustard spinach.

◆ What is your favorite "nabe dish"?

1st place: Sukiyaki (49.8%)
2nd place: Mizutaki (45.6%)
3rd place: Yosenabe (44.7%)
4th place: Oden (37.2%)
5th place: Shabu-shabu (36.9%)

Everyone likes it, sukiyaki
Everyone likes it, sukiyaki

A love for "sukiyaki" that hasn't changed from ancient times to east and west. It was the most popular in all ages except 40s. Recently, it seems that the number of shops where you can enjoy sukiyaki and its variations are increasing, such as the opening of shops where you can eat "luxury sukiyaki" at a reasonable price and the opening of shops where you can enjoy "jibie" sukiyaki .

The 5th place "Shabu-shabu" tends to become more popular among young people such as those in their 20s and 30s. It was a little surprising to the author who has the image of eating shabu-shabu at a restaurant, but there are certainly chain izakaya where you can easily eat shabu-shabu. It may be becoming more familiar.

In addition, although it was ranked 10th or lower, "new age" hot pots such as "soy milk hot pot", "curry hot pot", "tomato hot pot", and "millefeuille hot pot" were also popular. Millefeuille hot pot became a hot topic in Ajinomoto's commercials!

Easy but insanely delicious millefeuille pot
Easy but insanely delicious millefeuille pot

◆ Premonition of a boom? "I want to try hot pot dishes this year"

1st place: Tomato pot (24.2%)
2nd place: Curry nabe (23.6%)
3rd place: Meat pot (20.5%)
4th place: Soymilk pot (19.9%)
5th place: Premier hot pot (17.8%)

"Tomato hot pot", "curry hot pot" and "soy milk hot pot", which are rapidly increasing in popularity, are ranked high one after another. Among them, "curry nabe" and "meat nabe" are very popular among men, and there are many opinions that even hot pot dishes with plenty of vegetables and a healthy image should have a solid and voluminous content.

By the way, the 5th place "Premier Hot Pot" is a hot pot that uses "luxury ingredients" such as crabs. I want to poke with my family and friends during the New Year holidays and special days.

I (common people) rarely eat crab pots, though.
I (common people) rarely eat crab pots, though.

In addition, " lemon hot pot" is ranked 7th and " ribbon hot pot " is ranked 8th. Both are hot pots that were very popular with women. Lemon hot pot, which is a combination of plenty of sliced lemons, has been a hot topic for several years. In addition, the ribbon pot, which is made by cutting vegetables such as carrots and radishes into thin slices with a peeler, looks gorgeous, so it seems to be useful as a little hospitality dish. Premonition of a boom this winter?