A menu with the theme of "New Year" such as Kagami mochi-shaped hamburgers will be offered at a restaurant in Roppongi Hills (Minato-ku, Tokyo). Limited to 4 days from January 1st to 4th, 2015.

Happy New Year limited menu is now available!
Happy New Year limited menu is now available!

The American diner "AS Classics Diner" features a hamburger "Kagami Mochi BURGER" (1,404 yen including tax) with a Kagami Mochi motif. Large and small white buns are layered like kagami mochi, and petit tomatoes are placed instead of mandarin oranges. It is said that the ingredients of the signboard menu "Hamburger" are sandwiched with chewy and fluffy custom-made buns.

In addition, at the cafe restaurant "Egg Celent", the "2015 Red and White Pancake Tower" (2,015 yen including tax / limited to 15 meals a day), which is made by stacking 15 pancakes and finishing at a height of 15 cm, is offered. Will be done. Homemade strawberry sauce and yogurt sauce, finished in red and white.

In addition, about 20 stores in the facility will offer "Fuku rice" for 4 days only.

The facility will have a special business for the first sunrise of the year on New Year's Day. Opening hours are from 6:00 to 8:00. The admission fee is a special fee for the first sunrise of the year for both the rooftop sky deck and the sky gallery on the 52nd floor. Capacity is 1,000 people in total. You can apply from the website until December 14th.