Lotteria is running a "Tower Tree Burger Full-Size USB" present campaign to commemorate the 7th anniversary of the "Zeppin Burger" series.

You're sure to be a hit at the office or school!
You're sure to be a hit at the office or school!

This campaign is a "thank you" campaign for the "Zesshin Burger" series, which has been popular for seven years since the launch of the "Zesshin Cheeseburger" in 2007.

To enter, follow the official Lotteria account ( @lotteria_pr) on Twitter and retweet tweets related to this campaign.

The application period is from October 4 to 22. Two winners will be selected by drawing from among those who fulfill the requirements during the campaign period to receive a full-size USB memory stick of the "Tower Tree Burger," which comes in two types: "Zesshin Tower Cheeseburger Full-Size USB" and "Shrimp Tree Burger Full-Size USB," with a 4GB capacity.

The winners will receive a direct message from Lotteria's official account (@lotteria_pr) at a later date.

For details on the application conditions, please refer to the official Lotteria website.

Tweets with "RT" at the beginning of the text will not be considered as an entry to the campaign.
The official Lotteria account may retweet your tweet.