From the pizza chain "Pizza Hut", the first new store "Pizza Hut Express" will open in Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture on October 24th.

A "quick pizza" store where you can easily eat hot pizza has opened!
A "quick pizza" store where you can easily eat hot pizza has opened!

Pizza Hut Express is a new fast food type store specializing in "eat-in" and "To go" of Pizza Hut. Under the theme of "freshly made pizza at a reasonable price and smart service," a pizza for one person (about 21 cm in diameter) will be offered for 400 yen or 600 yen.

There are 6 types of pizza menu. From the 400 yen menu, there are 2 types of "Margherita" and "Pepperoni Special", and from the 600 yen menu, there are 4 types of "Jaga Mayo Sausage", "Honey Camembert", "Pizza Hut Gourmet" and "Korean Bulgogi". ..

For each dough, you can choose either "fluffy and chewy" "mochiri hand toss" or thin type dough "cheese millefeuille" with Camembert cheese sauce sandwiched between two tortillas.

Both are newly developed pizza menus, and it is possible to provide half the normal baking time. It seems that you can quickly enjoy "freshly made hot" pizza that is baked after receiving an order.

Other menus are as follows.

・ Drink menu Drink S size 150 yen Drink M size 200 yen

・ Set menu that can be added to pizza
S drink + potato set 200 yen
M drink + potato set 250 yen

* To go is offered only on the pizza menu * All listed prices include tax