The words "sugar off" and "low sugar" are often found in supermarkets and convenience stores. It is said that modern diets tend to consume too much sugar, and it seems that more and more people are trying to live a “sugar-free life”.

Sugar is a "generic term for carbohydrates minus dietary fiber" (* 1). Sweets such as bread, noodles, and cakes, which often use flour, are the number one “inedible” for those who live a sugar-free life. But there are times when you want to eat sweets. I searched for such "body-friendly" sweets that even people who care about their health can enjoy.

◆ "Afternoon tea set" to eat at a cafe specializing in sugar off

At the sugar off-menu specialty store "Low-Carb Cafe & Bar Magico." (Meguro-ku, Tokyo), a new "Low-Carb Afternoon Tea Set" (3,200 yen including tax) has been released. The total sugar mass is about 40 grams, which is about a quarter of the general recipe. By devising ingredients and recipes, it seems that it has the same volume as a general afternoon tea set, but it is finished with low sugar.

Even if you eat them all, about 40 grams of sugar!
Even if you eat them all, about 40 grams of sugar!

The set includes 4 pieces of low-carb sandwich, 4 low-carb cookies, 2 mini tiramisu, 2 each of low-carb gateau chocolate and cheesecake, 2 low-carb scones (plain) from Saltin Bocca, and 2 types of confiture. ,Drink.

At the bottom are sandwiches, scones and confiture.
At the bottom are sandwiches, scones and confiture.

Sandwiches are a popular menu at the restaurant. Homemade bread made from bran flour is combined with low-sugar chicken and bacon, and the flavor of grilled seaweed is an accent. You can also choose smoked salmon as an ingredient.

Scones are sold at the online shop "Saltimbocca", which specializes in sugar-off scones. Manufactured by Mr. Mori, who also works as a staff member at the store, it has a slight sweetness and is satisfying to eat.

Gateau chocolate and cheesecake are also made with zero-sugar and zero-calorie diet sweeteners instead of regular sugar without using flour. With its light sweetness, you can enjoy the bittersweetness of cocoa and the aroma of cheese. The cheesecake is mixed with ponzu, which has a lower sugar content than lemon juice.

A cake that brings out the flavor of the ingredients
A cake that brings out the flavor of the ingredients

According to the store manager, Mr. Kobayashi, he opened Magico. Because there were few restaurants where he could easily eat low-carbohydrate menus while he was living a sugar-free life. Jiyugaoka, where the store is located, is an area where many cafes and sweets shops gather. It is said that trial and error was repeated with the aim of creating a taste that would satisfy not only those who come to eat the low-carbohydrate menu but also those who like sweets who stop by casually.

A full-fledged low-carb course menu is also offered at dinner time. Alcohol is mainly low in sugar, so both people who live without sugar and those who do not can enjoy their meals.

◆ Sweets that can be eaten even in vegans

Some people make muffins that do not use any animal foods so that people such as "vegetarians" and "vegans" (* 2) can enjoy them.

Sweets that can be eaten even in "vegan"
Sweets that can be eaten even in "vegan"

Kumiko Horikawa, a wellness food researcher, said she started a vegetable-based diet because she felt that animal foods didn't fit her body very well. Then, he noticed that many of the sweets on the market contain plenty of animal ingredients such as butter and eggs, so they are not easy to eat.

Therefore, "DAUGHTER BOUTIQUE" is a brand that sells "vegan muffins" that use only plant-based materials, saying "I want people who casually pick up products to know the effects of what they eat on their bodies." It is said that it launched.

I also received a "carrot and ram raisin muffin". It seems that it uses whole grain flour, soy milk, sugar beet sugar, chia seeds, etc., and the baked product is more moist than expected. I could feel the rich taste and aroma of homemade ram raisins without the sweetness of thick sugar. Plenty of dietary fiber thanks to whole grains and chia seeds. “I want to deliver something that is cute, delicious, and good for the body,” says Horikawa.

Currently, it is mainly sold at cafetas (Minato-ku, Tokyo) stores and at occasional events, but in the future, it is hoped that anyone can easily get it at convenience stores. The day may come when even people who care about sugar, calories, and ingredients can easily buy sweets.

Low-carbohydrate foods are expanding mainly in markets such as beer and bread. If you look around, you may come across an unexpectedly familiar place.

* 1 To be precise, it is stated that "calculation is made by deducting the amount of protein, fat, dietary fiber, ash and water from the weight of the food concerned" (Source: "Nutrition Labeling Standards" (2003 Health and Welfare) Ministry of Labor Notification No. 176)).
* 2 Vegan generally refers to people who do not eat any animal foods such as meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products, and who do not wear animal products such as leather products (Source: Japan Vegetarian Society).
* 3 This article does not recommend sugar restriction. Follow your doctor's instructions as extreme carbohydrate restrictions can be harmful to your body.