At each Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) store, a new autumn-only product, "Scented Yuzu Spicy Chicken," will be released on September 25th. At the same time, products using yuzu will appear on the side menu.

Autumn limited chicken with yuzu scent
Autumn limited chicken with yuzu scent

The scented yuzu spicy chicken is a fried chicken with the scent of yuzu peel from Kochi prefecture. Domestic chicken seasoned with bonito and kelp is added with the flavors of white sesame and black sesame, the spicy spiciness of red pepper, and the refreshing aroma of yuzu peel. The single item price is 240 yen.

The side menu includes French fries "fragrant yuzu pepper potato" (330 yen each), which is eaten with spices containing yuzu peel and green pepper, and a carbonated drink that combines sweetly boiled yuzu peel with yuzu juice. "Scented Yuzu Soda" (250 yen each) is also on sale.

In addition, various set menus such as "Eat Compare Pack 4P / 6P / 8P" which is a set of original chicken and Yuzu spicy chicken, and "Yuzuzukushi set" which is a combination of Yuzu spicy chicken and Yuzu pepper potato will be sold. thing.

* Prices shown include tax