Bunmeido Frozen Castella "Honey Lemon"
Introducing a new flavor to "Frozen Castella"!

From Bunmeido, the second summer-only "frozen and eaten castella" is now available. Frozen castella "Honey Lemon" will be released on August 1st. It is scheduled to be sold in August, and the price is 625 yen (5 pieces, tax not included).

This is a castella that can be eaten even if frozen, baked with lemon juice and honey in the dough. This is a new product following the "Yogurt Castella " that was sold only in July.

Bunmeido Frozen Castella "Honey Lemon"
Scheduled to be sold until the end of August

The yogurt castella had a stronger yogurt flavor when it was frozen and eaten, and it was refreshing even on hot days. It's delicious when eaten at room temperature, but when frozen, it's a different thing. The cool coldness is comfortable on the tongue, and the moment you put it in your mouth, it has a hard texture like a pound cake, and it was also novel that it gradually melted and became soft.

It seems that the texture changes depending on the freezing time, 3 hours is "soft and cool texture", 5 hours is "moderately cold and moist texture", 7 hours is "hard and cold and firm texture" It seems to be. Please note that if you freeze for more than 8 hours, the castella may freeze too much.

Please enjoy changing the freezing time depending on the temperature and hunger of the day.