Conger eel, bigeye farhead, shrimp summer bowl
Tenya summer bowl!

Seasonal menus "Conger eel, Megochi, Shrimp summer Tendon" and "Yuzukosho chicken Tendon" will be released on July 20th at Tendon Ten and each store. Both are for a limited time until September 6th.

Conger eel, bigeye, and shrimp summer tempura bowls are topped with three types of seafood tempura. The popular "Katsui Conger Eel" is combined with the classic "Shrimp" and the light and elegant taste of "Megochi". The price is 788 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Yuzukosho chicken tendon is a bowl of tempura of the brand chicken "Hanamidori" born and raised in Kyushu, combined with Yuzukosho sauce. Yuzu pepper seems to have a spicy scent. With soft-boiled egg. The price is 676 yen.

Yuzu Kosho Chicken Tendon
"Yuzukosho chicken tendon" with a spicy scent of yuzukosho

At the same time, "chilled soba" will be on sale, and "eel kabayaki tempura" (200 yen including tax) will be available only from July 14th to August 10th.