Pasco "Steamed chocolate mint cake"
By all means frozen

"Chocolate mint steamed cake" is on sale in the Kanto, Chubu, Kinki, and Chugoku regions. The purchase price at the supermarket is 105 yen.

This is a product of the "Delicious even when chilled" series with the motif of the popular flavor of ice cream. Inspired by the popular chocolate mint ice cream, chocolate chips are added to the mint-scented dough.

Pasco "Steamed chocolate mint cake"
Image of ice cream

Fine and fluffy fabric. Spreads a refreshing taste while moisturizing in the mouth. The pleasant scent of mint goes through your nose and refreshes your mouth. Maybe I ate this steamed bun for the first time.

Pasco "Steamed chocolate mint cake"
It looks cool

Chocolate chips add sweetness and richness. The mellow chocolate enhances the mint flavor. The balance of each is exquisite, and the deliciousness of "this is chocolate mint"!

Since it is a "delicious even when chilled" series, refrigeration or freezing is also recommended. After freezing for about 5 hours, the dough becomes cooler and more refreshing. The chocolate chips are crispy, so you can enjoy the contrast of the texture with the fluffy dough. Personally, I preferred freezing to normal temperature.

Pasco "Steamed chocolate mint cake"
Always in the freezer this summer

A refreshing steamed cake that makes you feel cooler as you eat it. Great for breakfast or snacks on hot days.