M78 Ultraman Happy Egg Bolo
Each bolo has an illustration of "Ultraman"!

"M78 Ultraman Happy Tamago Bolo" with an illustration of "Ultraman" is now available in "Egg Bolo" that everyone loves. It will be on sale from mid-July at each of the "Ultraman" official shops "Ultraman World M78" and "SHOT M78". It comes in 40g (1.41oz) and costs 350 yen (excluding tax).

There are 8 types of printed illustrations. Star mark, M78 Ultraman Zero, M78 Ultraman, M78 Ultra 7-ELEVEN, Kanegon, Eleking, M78 mark, M78 Ultraman Orb are designed.

M78 Ultraman Happy Egg Bolo
There are also Kanegon and Eleking

The package comes with a zipper, so you can eat it in several batches, which is convenient. You can eat it on the go, so it's perfect for children's snacks.

● What is M78 Ultraman?
M78 Ultraman is an ultra hero who joins forces with his friends to challenge everything in the world of "all heroes and monsters are good friends". The sweat on the forehead is a "proof of doing your best".

M78 Ultraman Happy Egg Bolo
By all means, share and eat with your family and friends!

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