Denny's Peach Sunday

"Peach" is popular for its fresh and elegant sweetness. With the arrival of the season, the chances of seeing it at greengrocers and sweets stores have increased.

From July 11th, various peach desserts are available at Denny's. The most recommended is "Fresh Peach The Sunday", which is full of peach pulp. The price is 808 yen including tax.

Denny's peach dessert
Peach dessert is now available!

This is a luxurious peach sundae with 10 cuts of fresh peaches. "Peach charm" such as peach cream, peach jelly, and peach sauce is tightly layered on the glass.

Denny's Peach Sunday

Denny's Peach Sunday
Fresh peach pulp is rumbling

In addition, "milky feeling" such as whipped cream with reduced sweetness, rich vanilla ice cream, and mascarpone is added. You can enjoy various combinations of peach and milk. Especially the mellow taste of mascarpone goes well with peaches!

Denny's Peach Sunday
Excellent compatibility between the sweetness of peaches and the milky taste

Plum solve is the accent of the taste. The refreshing sweet and sour taste enhances the sweetness of peaches.

Denny's Peach Sunday
Plum solve for a refreshing accent

A luxurious Sunday with a creamy sweetness of juicy peaches. The pink color is a cute dessert that you can enjoy with your tongue and eyes.

Denny's Peach Sunday
White x pink is cute ♪

At the same time, Denny's is developing the following peach desserts. * Price includes tax

Fresh peach milk pudding mini parfait 484 yen Peach jelly tailoring 322 yen Peach fresh & jelly 376 yen Peach and shiratama cream dessert 430 yen

A dessert where you can enjoy different charms of peaches. May peach lovers go and aim for conquest?