Lawson "Uchi cafe SWEETS x ICE MONSTER mango roll cake" "ICE MONSTER mango bar"
Lawson and Ice Monster collaboration sweets

At each Lawson store, the sweets "Uchi cafe SWEETS x ICE MONSTER mango roll cake" and "ICE MONSTER mango bar" in collaboration with the Taiwanese shaved ice specialty store "ICE MONSTER" will be released on July 18th. Masu (excluding some stores).

Mango roll cake is a premium roll cake of "Mango Tsukushi". Mango cream, mango fruit, mango sauce and coconut flavored panna cotta are combined. The price is 350 yen (tax included, same below).

Lawson "Uchi cafe SWEETS x ICE MONSTER Mango roll cake"
Mango roll cake

One mango bar is an ice bar with plenty of mango pulp. 65% of mango juice and pulp are used, and it seems that you can enjoy the rich taste of mango and the texture of the pulp. The price is 195 yen.

Lawson "ICE MONSTER Mango Bar"
Mango shaved ice in an ice bar

Speaking of ice monster shaved ice, it is characterized by its rich taste and deliciousness with plenty of fruits and toppings. It's nice to be able to easily enjoy the deliciousness of such ice monsters at home!

If you haven't visited the store yet because you don't have a store nearby or you don't want to line up, why not take this opportunity to enjoy the taste of ice monsters?