Three F "Mochiponyo Powaru"
Mochiponyo's first pear flavor!

A new work from Three F's original "new sensation" cream puff "Mochiponyo" series. "Mochiponyo Powaru" is on sale from July 12th. The price is 130 yen (tax included). Available at Three F and Lawson Three F stores.

"Poire" means "pear" in French. Mochiponyo Powaru is the first pear flavor in the Mochiponyo series. The dough made from glutinous rice flour is wrapped in plenty of pear cream that melts in your mouth.

Three F "Mochiponyo Powaru"
Plenty of refreshing pear cream

Pear cream is made by adding pear paste from Yamagata prefecture to custard cream. It is said that you can enjoy the refreshing pear taste that suits the summer, along with the chewy texture unique to Mochiponyo.

In fact, Three F's Mochiponyo has one or two new flavors appearing every month, and this is the 46th in total. In the future, seasonal flavors that are perfect for each season should be developed one after another ... Let's expect!