7-ELEVEN "Mitarashi Dango"
Top 10 convenience stores in the first half of 2017! What is the first place ...?

It's early, and 2017 is already half past. That's why the editorial department, which has eaten a lot of convenience stores this year, tried to rank the TOP 10 convenience stores that appeared in the first half of 2017 without permission!

Let's start from 10th place!

● 10th place Lawson "Mochi texture roll Uji matcha (black soybean flour)" (295 yen, tax included, same below)

Lawson "Mochi texture roll Uji matcha (black soybean flour)"
This was sober (excuse me) delicious

A roll cake released in June. It is a chewy matcha sponge cake wrapped with black honey sauce and kinako whipped cream.

The best harmony of the fluffy and chewy dough, the soft whipped cream, and the thick and thick black honey sauce. It's cut into 6 pieces and it's easy to eat and store, but because it's delicious and easy to eat, it tends to end up eating all at once.

Lawson "Mochi texture roll Uji matcha (black soybean flour)"
Texture trio

● 9th place Ministop "Strawberry Millefeuille Parfait" (390 yen)

Ministop "Strawberry Millefeuille Parfait"
The crispy savory pie was also authentic

A parfait inspired by the "strawberry millefeuille cake" released in March. Plenty of strawberries, soft serve vanilla, custard sauce, and crispy pie were combined, and I enjoyed the luxurious taste like a cake.

Juicy and sweet strawberries, melty sweet soft serve vanilla, rich custard, and fragrant pie mix in your mouth and are the best! I was also happy that the bottom of the cup was filled with cut strawberries.

Ministop "Strawberry Millefeuille Parfait"
Eating melted ice cream and strawberries together is delicious again!

● 8th place 7-ELEVEN "Eat with a spoon, raw texture chocolate Uji matcha" (210 yen)

7-ELEVEN "Eat with a spoon Raw texture chocolate Uji matcha"
A dish for matcha lovers

Melting sweets made with matcha, released in March. It is finished with Uji matcha, white chocolate and whipped cream.

The bitterness and deep umami of matcha and the refreshing green scent are the dishes that matcha lovers love! The melt-in-the-mouth is also the best. I fully enjoyed the rich taste of matcha from the beginning to the end.

7-ELEVEN "Eat with a spoon Raw texture chocolate Uji matcha"
Deliciousness that makes you want to thank you

● 7th place FamilyMart "Mont Blanc" (298 yen)

FamilyMart "Mont Blanc"
It looks a little plain, but the taste is excellent!

In the latter half of April, "Montblanc" was released at the same time by three companies, 7-ELEVEN, Lawson, and FamilyMart. The types and tastes of chestnuts used in each were completely different, and it was interesting, but the one I liked was FamilyMart's Mont Blanc.

Domestic chestnuts are used in some parts, and the sweetness is simply delicious! It was also a good impression that the Mont Blanc cream was very thick and it seemed like I was eating the paste with the chestnuts squeezed.

FamilyMart "Mont Blanc"
It tasted like "chestnut" instead of "marron"

● 6th place FamilyMart "Raw Madeleine" (158 yen)

FamilyMart "Raw Madeleine"
The popular raw madeleine is finally at FamilyMart

The "explosive" raw Madeleine sold by Circle K Sunkus will be fully released at FamilyMart in May. Madeleine is moist and baked, and sandwiched with whipped cream.

The dough and whipped cream have a smooth mouthfeel, and the full-fledged taste is a mixture of margarine flavor and milk richness. It's rich, so even a small size was quite satisfying to eat.

FamilyMart "Raw Madeleine"
The dough and cream melt moistly

● 5th place Lawson "Uchi Cafe'SWEETS x GODIVA Chocolatier Pudding" (320 yen)

Lawson "Uchi Cafe'SWEETS x GODIVA Chocolatier Pudding"
The editorial department unanimously sighed, "It's delicious!"

A chocolate pudding in collaboration with Lawson and Godiva, which is on sale for 3 weeks from July 4th. The bitter chocolate is crisp and bitter, and it's as if you're eating ganache as it is!

Also, I was amazed at the texture of Trottro so that I could drink it. It was exactly the deliciousness of a chocolate specialty store.

Lawson "Uchi Cafe'SWEETS x GODIVA Chocolatier Pudding"
I was healed by the mellow texture

● 4th place FamilyMart "Tart de Frozen Suites Tiramisu" (198 yen)

FamilyMart "Tart de Frozen Suites Tiramisu"
There is no doubt that the sweets at Hanabatake Farm

Frozen dessert from Hanabatake Farm, which was released in early April. Tiramisu made with Hokkaido cream and homemade mascarpone cheese is made into a tart.

The feeling that frozen tart dough and cheese cream melt at the temperature in your mouth is the best. The tart is bitter and the cheese cream has a refreshing sweetness and moderate acidity. It was a sweet that made me feel the arrival of early summer.

FamilyMart "Tart de Frozen Suites Tiramisu"
Perfect for the beginning of summer!

● 3rd place 7-ELEVEN "Uji Matcha Raw Gateau Chocolate" (180 yen)

7-ELEVEN "Uji Matcha Raw Gateau Chocolate"
This product that inspired matcha lovers

It was released at the end of June. This sweet is made by layering "Matcha Gateau Chocolat", which is a combination of Uji Matcha and white chocolate, and "Matcha Chocolate Cream", which is a blend of three types of cacao beans and Uji Matcha.

Both matcha and chocolate were made with a bitter taste, and it was a taste for adults. If you bring both to your mouth at the same time, it will have a delicious roasted green tea flavor. The thick and thick mouthfeel was also luxurious!

7-ELEVEN "Uji Matcha Raw Gateau Chocolate"
Overall bitter and for adults

● 2nd place Ministop "Marugoto Pudding Man" (108 yen)

Ministop "Marugoto Pudding Man"
It looks like a pudding

Sweets-based Chinese steamed bun released in January. The whole pudding is wrapped in a yellow and brown fabric with the image of pudding.

The fluffy and chewy dough is warm, and the pudding inside melts in your mouth, spreading the richness and sweetness of the egg. It also contains fragrant caramel sauce and has a tightening effect on the taste. I haven't had a chance to eat stuffed pudding, but it was really delicious!

Ministop "Marugoto Pudding Man"
The chewy dough and the melting pudding are the best!

● 1st place 7-ELEVEN "Mitarashi Dango" (100 yen)

7-ELEVEN "Mitarashi Dango"
Did you guys remember?

This is the convenience store that the editorial department chose first in the first half of 2017! This is Mitarashi Dango, which was released only at 7-ELEVEN in Chiba Prefecture at the end of February. Sweets like a steamed bun like cream puff, wrapped in "Mitarashi cream" with a chewy dough.

7-ELEVEN "Mitarashi Dango"
A size that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand

The mochi mochi dough and the mitarashi cream mariage with the saltiness and fragrance of soy sauce are the best! The sweetness like "salt caramel" is addictive. As I say now, I actually bought a lot and ate 3 at a time.

7-ELEVEN "Mitarashi Dango"
The dough and the cream inside were super delicious

These are the top 10 convenience stores in the first half of 2017 that the En-eating editorial department chose without permission! How many did you eat? I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of sweets will come out toward the end of the year. Stay tuned for the second half of the year!