Saizeriya "Green Sauce Spaghetti with Green Beans and Potatoes"
Saizeriya's lunch has been renewed!

Saizeriya's lunch menu has been renewed. From July 10th, three new products such as "Green Bean and Potato Green Sauce Spaghetti" have been released. * Handling may vary depending on the store

The newly added lineup is the following three products. All prices are 500 yen (tax included). Both come with salad and soup (hamburger with rice or bread).

・ Green sauce spaghetti with green beans and potatoes
Spaghetti with green beans and potatoes with a slight scent of basil. For a limited time.

・ Mushroom demiglace sauce hamburger
A hamburger steak where you can enjoy the deep taste of demiglace sauce.

・ Spicy tomato hamburger steak
A hamburger steak finished with an appetizing spicy tomato sauce.

Saizeriya spicy tomato hamburger
Spicy tomato hamburger

Both are colorful new menus. Green bean and potato green sauce spaghetti is for a limited time, so if you are interested, please do so as soon as possible.