GOMAJE "Black Sesame Cube" and "Gold Sesame Cube"
Sesame sweets that are a hot topic in Chimata

Do you know the "sesame sweets" that are causing a secret boom right now? GOMAJE's " Black Sesame Cube " and " Gold Sesame Cube "!

GOMAJE "Black Sesame Cube" and "Gold Sesame Cube"
Black sesame cube and gold sesame cube

This is made by adding oligosaccharides and honey to finely ground black sesame and gold sesame, and hardening them into a cube like a dice. Even on Twitter, there are talks such as "It's really good", "Sesame more than I imagined!", "Sesame sesame !!"

I was so worried that I bought it and tried it, and I understood what everyone was saying. This is sesame !! And it's too delicious !!!

◆ The taste of sesame is super rich!

Contains 20 tablets each. When you remove the lid of the cup, it gives off the fragrant smell of sesame as soon as possible.

GOMAJE "Black Sesame Cube" and "Gold Sesame Cube"
The purchase price was 648 yen (tax included) each

Throw it into your mouth and chew it quickly ... It will unravel and the sesame flavor will spread out! Ummer !!

GOMAJE "Black Sesame Cube" and "Gold Sesame Cube"
Black sesame cube

GOMAJE "Black Sesame Cube" and "Gold Sesame Cube"

GOMAJE "Black Sesame Cube" and "Gold Sesame Cube"
This is a gold sesame cube

Black sesame is fragrant and has a rich taste. Gold sesame is light and has an elegant flavor like soybean flour. Both are less sweet. If you eat them alternately, you can clearly see the difference in taste.

Also, if you spread black sesame and gold sesame at the same time, the umami of the two condensed sesame will fuse in your mouth and you will feel very happy.

GOMAJE "Black Sesame Cube" and "Gold Sesame Cube"
Marriage of rich black sesame and light gold sesame

Not only the strong taste of sesame, but also the melting in the mouth is impressive. When I try to stab it with a toothpick or fork, it is so delicate that it cracks and cracks, but the texture is soggy and dense. Sesame remains so much that it lingers for a while.

By the way, it seems that you can ingest about 10g (0.35oz) of sesame with 4 sesame cubes.

◆ However, keep water at hand

The sesame cubes are too tasty, but they are too thick and the water in your mouth is lost at once, so it is recommended that you have some kind of drink at hand when you eat. Milk and soy milk may be especially compatible! Of course, it is also perfect for making coffee or green tea.

Also, especially at this time of year, it is delicious even if you top it with yogurt or ice cream! When I put it on vanilla ice cream, it is the best match with ice cream that melts the crispy texture of sesame cubes. When I mixed it and ate it, the rich sesame ice cream that was insanely luxurious and delicious was completed and it was awesome. Please try it!

GOMAJE "Black Sesame Cube" and "Gold Sesame Cube"
Vanilla ice cream topping

GOMAJE "Black Sesame Cube" and "Gold Sesame Cube"
It's insanely delicious when mixed and eaten!