"Limited time Noritama & Variety for now" is a limited time mini pack sprinkle with a different sprinkle.
What is your favorite taste?

"Limited time noritama & now only variety" will be released from Marumiya Foods on August 3rd. The price is 220 yen (excluding tax). The sale period is until March 31st next year.

This is a limited-time mini-pack sprinkle that you can only taste "only now", which is a collection of sprinkles that are different from each other, centered on "Noritama". The flavors are the popular "Noritama", the ham egg flavored "Pepatama" with black pepper, the "Salmon Butter Soy Sauce" where you can enjoy the deep flavor of salmon and butter soy sauce, and the "Meat" where you can enjoy the flavor of meat and rich miso. A total of 5 types of miso, spicy mentaiko and "cheese menta" where you can enjoy the mellow taste of cheese. 4 bags each.