Ministop "Halo-halo Fruit Ice Strawberry"
Attention to strawberry lovers!

From the popular summer sweets "Halo-halo" series of Ministop, "Halo-halo fruit ice strawberry" of "new sensation" will be released on July 7. The price is 320 yen (tax included).

This is an "evolved halo-halo" that uses frozen strawberries sliced without using ice. It is said that "the highest amount of strawberries in the history of Ministop", which is about 128% of the "condensed milk strawberry parfait" released in the spring, is used. Frozen strawberries are sprinkled with condensed milk flavored syrup and condensed milk, topped with soft serve vanilla.

Ministop "Halo-halo Fruit Ice Strawberry"
Topped with soft serve ice cream

Strawberries with a crispy texture and sour taste go well with soft serve vanilla. You can enjoy various ways, such as mixing each one or tasting them separately.