Hamazushi "Butter Chicken Curry"
"Confidence work" completed over 4 years

The new menu "HAMA CURRY" will be released on July 6th at the conveyor belt sushi chain "Hama Sushi".


"HAMA CURRY" Curry rice using "special ingredients" and "genuine spices". It is a "confident work" of Hamazushi, which was completed over four years from the conception. Two types are available, "TOKYO Black Curry" and "Butter Chicken Curry". The price is 280 yen each (excluding tax).

TOKYO black curry

"TOKYO black curry is made by slowly stir-frying flavored vegetables such as celery, ginger, and onions, and adding depth with beef, chicken, and vegetable bouillon. Using 13 kinds of spices such as coriander, cumin, and cardamon, it becomes a fragrant roux. It seems to be finished.

Hamazushi "TOKYO Black Curry"
Curry stewed with flavored vegetables and spices

Butter Chicken Curry

"Butter chicken curry" is a roux that uses 20 kinds of spices and herbs, and is richened by adding onions and fresh cream that have been fried until it becomes light brown. It features soft chicken soaked in yogurt.

Hamazushi "Butter Chicken Curry"
Soft chicken with a savory taste

Rice is white rice, not vinegared rice. Both are scheduled to end sales on August 2.

Dashi chicken salt ramen

The popular "Yoshidashi Chicken Shio Ramen", which has been on sale since 2015, is back again this year. This will also be on sale from July 6th. The price is 350 yen (excluding tax).

Hamazushi "Yoshidashi chicken salt ramen"
This year, more "chicken stuffing"!

It is based on four types of dashi stock, such as "roasted glass soup", which is made by baking domestic chicken broth to condense umami, and plain hot water extracted from Sakurajima-dori chicken broth. Three kinds of natural salt (Awajishima algae salt, Hakuho's grilled salt, Rausu's salt) are added to this, and fish sauce, domestic ginger, and Hokkaido kelp are added as a secret ingredient.

Furthermore, this year we changed the char siu from pork to chicken. It seems that it is finished with a focus on chicken.