"Tropical Mango" is a limited edition pancake with plenty of mango
Luxury pancakes with plenty of mango!

At the sweets shop "Doremo LeTAO", which is filled with the charm of Otaru Western confectionery LeTAO, the July-only pancake "Tropical Mango" is offered. The price is 1,600 yen for a single item (excluding tax, the same applies below), and 1,920 yen for a drink set.

This is a limited edition pancake with plenty of mango. Two types of cheese, cream cheese and ricotta cheese, are used, and the dough is baked after receiving an order, so you can enjoy a deep taste and melting like snow.

The mango used is "Alfonso Mango," also known as the "King of Mangos," which is characterized by its rich aroma and high sugar content. The toppings are cube-shaped Alfonso mango ice cream, passion fruit jelly, and coconut-scented ice cream.