Lawson "Rare Cheesecake Sandwich"
This was delicious!

From the new sweets of convenience stores released from June 26th to 30th, the editorial department will review the ones that were actually eaten and especially delicious!

● Lawson "Rare Cheesecake Sandwich" (298 yen, tax included, same below)

Lawson "Rare Cheesecake Sandwich"
Rare cheesecake sandwich

Rare cheesecake sandwich using "Kiri" cream cheese. It's a sweet or sandwich, but it's delicious so let me introduce it.

A simple rare cheese sandwich and a sandwich with blueberry sauce are included in the set. In both cases, it makes me happy that the cream cheese is tightly packed to the edge of the bread.

Lawson "Rare Cheesecake Sandwich"
Rare cheese on the bottom, blueberries on the top

A simple rare cheese sandwich is a mixture of plenty of cream cheese and a thin layer of whipped cream. The smooth and rich acidity of Kiri and the mellow milky taste of whipped cream combined with the richness make it a luxurious taste like high-quality butter.

Lawson "Rare Cheesecake Sandwich"
There is chubby thickness

On the other hand, the blueberry sandwich has blueberry sauce in two places, and the fruity sweetness goes well with the cream cheese! The flesh of blueberries is also included, and the more you chew, the more juicy juice overflows.

Lawson "Rare Cheesecake Sandwich"
With blueberry pulp!

Recommended for breakfast. 321 kcal per meal.

● Lawson "Kyoto Kinako Smooth Pudding" (165 yen)

Lawson "Kyo Kinako Smooth Pudding"
Kyoto Kinako Smooth Pudding

A rich-tasting Japanese pudding made with "Kyokinako". Black honey sauce is included on the bottom as an accent.

The slightly sweet kinako pudding is so soft that it retains its shape when scooped with a spoon. When you put it in your mouth, it will melt and not crumble. The smooth mouthfeel combined with the Japanese taste gives a very elegant impression.

Lawson "Kyo Kinako Smooth Pudding"

Lawson "Kyo Kinako Smooth Pudding"

As you continue to eat to the bottom, the black honey sauce overflows with a trolley. In the second half, it is recommended to eat while mixing pudding and sauce. The sweetness is low, and the fragrant richness enhances the simple taste of soybean flour. 191 kcal per meal.

Lawson "Kyo Kinako Smooth Pudding"
Fragrant sweetness

● FamilyMart "Melting raw chiffon cake" (220 yen)

FamilyMart "Melting raw chiffon cake"
Melting raw chiffon cake

Vanilla-flavored chiffon cake stuffed with custard, whipped cream and two types of cream.

The chiffon cake is fluffy and soft, and when chewed, it crushes and spreads the gentle flavor of wheat and eggs. There is no complaint about the goodness of the mouth.

FamilyMart "Melting raw chiffon cake"
Fluffy response

The custard cream in the bottom is rich and sweet, and the thick whipped cream with plenty in the middle is a little sweet. Tangle the chiffon fabric with your favorite balance and stretch it! 198 kcal per meal.

FamilyMart "Melting raw chiffon cake"
The "fluffy" texture of chiffon and cream is the best!

● 7-ELEVEN "Mochitto Cream Stew Mitarashi Dango" (120 yen)

7-ELEVEN "Mochitto Cream Stew Mitarashi Dango"
Mochitto Cream Stew Mitarashi Dango

Japanese sweets with whipped cream and mitarashi sauce in pure white dumpling dough. The sweet and sour mitarashi sauce goes great with the cream.

In a word, the "Western-style Daifuku" version of Mitarashi dango.

7-ELEVEN "Mochitto Cream Stew Mitarashi Dango"
The dumpling dough is a little hard

The thick dough is moderately elastic yet crispy and has a modest stickiness. By that amount, the melting texture of the mitarashi sauce inside is enhanced.

The sweet and sour mitarashi sauce, which is wrapped in rich whipped cream and mellow, is addictive! 148 kcal per meal.

7-ELEVEN "Mochitto Cream Stew Mitarashi Dango"
Melty Mitarashi sauce and fluffy whipped cream

● 7-ELEVEN "Uji Matcha Raw Gateau Chocolate" (180 yen)

7-ELEVEN "Uji Matcha Raw Gateau Chocolate"
Raw gateau chocolate of Uji matcha

Gateau chocolate with luxurious Uji matcha. "Matcha Gateau Chocolat", which is a combination of Uji Matcha and white chocolate, is overlaid with "Matcha Chocolate Cream", which is a blend of three types of cacao beans and Uji Matcha.

The overall bitter taste is for adults! Matcha gateau chocolate is moist and melts in your mouth, and the aroma and umami of matcha spreads lightly.

On the other hand, the matcha chocolate cream layered on top is insanely rich! With a sticky texture, the bitter taste of matcha and chocolate fills your mouth while slowly melting.

7-ELEVEN "Uji Matcha Raw Gateau Chocolate"
The feel is also soggy and rich!

The "bitterness" of both matcha and cacao resonates, giving it a savory roasted green tea-like taste. 183 kcal per meal.

7-ELEVEN "Uji Matcha Raw Gateau Chocolate"
Matcha dough is moist and melts in your mouth

This week's lineup of rich sweets. My personal favorite was Lawson's rare cheesecake sandwich. Although it is refreshing, it has a satisfying taste and is highly satisfying! Please try.