Mon cher "peach roll"
Dojima roll of peaches!

Summer-only "Dojima Roll" is now available at each Mon cher store. "Peach roll" using peaches will be on sale from July 15th to August 31st (Nagoya area will be released on July 8th, Hakata area will be released on July 1st). The price is 1,371 yen (excluding tax).

Peach roll is a roll cake made by combining cut peach and peach cream with the cream used for Dojima roll and wrapping it in a dough kneaded with peach paste. The gentle sweetness and refreshing flavor of peaches will spread.

In addition, "Dojima Yogurt Roll" has been on sale since July 1st (except for the Sapporo area, "Blueberry Yogurt Roll" is on sale in the Hakata area). Limited time until August 31st. The price is 1,250 yen (excluding tax).

Dojima roll cream with the sourness of yogurt is rolled up with a moist and fluffy baked egg-flavored dough. It seems that you can enjoy a refreshing mouthfeel and a refreshing aftertaste.

Mon cher "Dojima yogurt roll"
Dojima yogurt roll with a cool taste