"Cold and melting ice gratin" is a gratin-based shaved ice
What is ice gratin?

"ICE HOLIC Ice Holic", which provides snow powder shaved ice from South Korea, will open for a limited time in "Chayamachi Dining Yokocho" in the Chayamachi area of Osaka. The opening period is from July 1st to September 30th.

ICE HOLIC ICE HOLIC is a store that offers the popular snow powder shaved ice menu that caused the shaved ice boom in South Korea. The milky-tasting ice has an airy, fluffy and light texture, and it goes well with fruits and cream sauces.

"Cold and melting ice gratin" is gratin-based shaved ice. The menu is supervised by Mr. Tsukirabbit, a blogger who continues to write a sweets review of 700 meals a year. There are two flavors, "Ice Gratin Fruit", which is made by putting plenty of custard sauce on fluffy snow powder ice and lightly squeezing the surface, and "Ice Gratin Mango", which is finished with fruity mango custard. The price is 1,200 yen each (excluding tax, the same applies below).

"Cold and melting ice gratin" is a gratin-based shaved ice
Like gratin ... but shaved ice!

Other shaved ice regular menus are as follows.

Strawberry with rich sauce 1,500 yen Sweet and ripe mango 1,100 yen Black honey mochi mochi kinako 950 yen
5 kinds of fruit mix mountain 1,250 yen