KKD「Good Luck! Easter」
Cute donuts with the image of "Easter"

At each Krispy Kreme Donut (KKD) store, three types of donuts "Good Luck! Easter", which are based on the image of the spring event "Easter", will be released on March 22 (excluding some stores). Scheduled to be sold until April 25th. The price is 230 yen each (tax included).

"Lucky Strawberry Ladybugs" is a donut with the motif of ladybugs, which is said to be a "lucky insect". You can enjoy the exquisite combination of white chocolate, strawberry napage, and bitter chocolate.

KKD "Lucky Strawberry Ladybugs"
Is there something good?

"Caramel Crispy Easter" is a donut with a slightly bitter caramel cream. The body of the chick is made of thinly baked crepe, and you can enjoy its fragrant taste and crispy texture.

KKD "Caramel Crispy Easter"
Face with orange sauce and bitter chocolate

"Happy Chocolate Egg" is an Easter egg donut with chocolate pudding cream inside. White chocolate is finished in a colorful donut with a jagged pattern of strawberry chocolate and cheese chocolate and decorated with glittering green alazan.

KKD "Happy Choco Egg"
Alazan glitters

"Recommended Donuts (12 pieces)" containing 3 types of Easter donuts, popular original glazed chocolate sprinkles, and chocolate sprinkles will also be on sale. The price is 2,000 yen (tax included).