S & B Foods Coriander

The tube-type seasoning "Kizami Pakuchi" was released by S & B Foods on February 13. The suggested retail price is 125 yen (excluding tax).

This product is a finely chopped coriander paste with lime and fish sauce flavors. As it comes in a tube, you can enjoy the flavor of coriander as much as you want, when you want. You can use it freely, such as sprinkling, mixing, and melting.

S & B Foods Coriander

S & B Foods Coriander
Clear green

Raw materials are salt, coriander, fish sauce, etc. It functions not only as a flavor of coriander, but also as a seasoning to season. The author's recommended usage is the following three ways.

・ Add to ethnic side dishes that lack authenticity

It is a plus for fresh spring rolls of super side dishes that are not punchy enough. With the vivid flavor of coriander, it transforms into a full-fledged taste. There is a lot of saltiness, so be careful about the amount when using it with other sauces.

S & B Foods Coriander
Plus for the unsatisfactory ethnic side dishes

S & B Foods Coriander
Transform into a full-fledged taste with a vivid flavor!

・ Plus for everyday meals

It's fun to look for new flavors in addition to your usual meals! Add it to natto rice as a condiment, or apply it to toast with butter to make "coriander toast". You can try it bit by bit and stop if you don't like the taste, so you can rest assured.

S & B Foods Chopped Coriander Natto Rice
"Natto coriander rice" where habits collide with each other (likes and dislikes seem to be different)

Coriander toast
"Pakuchi toast" with butter flavor and coriander playing an exquisite harmony

・ Plus for convenience store foods

Add it to convenience store rice balls and pork buns for a slightly different ethnic taste. If you put it in the refrigerator in the office, you can arrange and enjoy your usual lunch.

S & B Foods Chopped Coriander and Rice Balls
Tuna Mayo Onigiri plus a refreshing, wasabi-like feel

S & B Foods Chopped Coriander and Pork Man
Plus for pork buns Recommended for its deep and addictive taste!

The appeal of coriander is that you can easily add the flavor of coriander to anything you like, from a small amount. Raw coriander is hard to come by, but you can always stand by in the fridge. If you like coriander, please try it as soon as you find it!