YUJI RAMEN "Tuna Kotsu (Tuna Bone) Ramen"
Ramen reimport from Brooklyn, New York!

Ramen shop "YUJI RAMEN" from New York, USA has landed for the first time in Japan. On March 16th, it will open as the 4th "Reimported Ramen" at the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum.

YUJI RAMEN is said to have gained tremendous support in New York, which is said to be a “fierce battleground for ramen,” with more than 100 ramen shops lined up. Yuji Haraguchi, who has been involved in fish wholesale in the United States for many years, serves as the owner.

YUJI RAMEN in Brooklyn, New York
YUJI RAMEN popular from New Yorkers

The signature menu is "Tunakotsu Ramen," a soup made by roasting tuna ara and using kelp soup stock instead of water to make it cloudy over high heat. By adding yuzu pepper to the accent, it seems that the flavor is further enhanced.

YUJI RAMEN "Tuna Kotsu (Tuna Bone) Ramen"
A soup with a tightly condensed taste of tuna

The noodles to be combined are "extra-fine straight noodles". It has a low water content, so it goes well with soups that have a strong taste.

The ingredients are char siu with a melting texture that uses "tuna haramo", which is a "rare part" of a part of the large Toro, and chopped seaweed, white onion, and sesame.

YUJI RAMEN "Tuna Kotsu (Tuna Bone) Ramen"
Ramen for the first time in Japan at the Ra Expo!