Jagarico Aoshiso cheese flavor
Jagarico's "No. 1 taste you want to eat" flavor

From the Calbee "Jagarico" series, a new product "Jagarico Aoshiso Cheese Flavor" will be released at convenience stores on February 27th. It will be on sale from March 13th at stores other than convenience stores. The estimated price is around 140 yen (tax included).

This product is Jagarico, which is made by adding the flavor of blue to rich cheese to give it a refreshing and lingering taste. Cheese and dried green perilla are kneaded into the stick, and it seems that you can enjoy it visually.

Jagarico's fan site "Soreike! Jagarico" said that it was the flavor that was selected as the number one "taste to eat" from the 2,200 ideas devised by users.