Lotte "Petit Choco Pie [Kyoto Matcha Tailoring]"
Spring only

From Lotte's "Petit Cake" series, "Petit Choco Pie [Kyoto Matcha Tailoring]" and "Petit Busse [Hojicha Latte]" will be released on February 28th. The estimated price is around 220 yen (excluding tax).

Petit Choco Pie [Kyoto Matcha Tailoring] is a spring-only petit chocolate pie that is made by sandwiching Kyoto Matcha cream with a moist cake kneaded with chocolate and coating it with chocolate. You can enjoy the deep taste of matcha produced in Kyoto prefecture.

Lotte "Petit Choco Pie [Kyoto Matcha Tailoring]"
Sandwich Kyoto matcha cream

Petit Busse [Hojicha Latte] is a spring-only petit busse with roasted green tea latte cream and chocolate sandwiched in a roasted green tea cake. You can enjoy the bittersweetness and aroma of roasted green tea and the mellowness of milk. You can enjoy the crispy chocolate bar texture when you eat it chilled.

Lotte "Petit Busse [Hojicha Latte]"
I want to chill and eat