Bandai "Tokyo Tarareba Musume Gummy"
Cod and liver became gummy

Bandai will release "Tokyo Tarareba Musume Gummy" in the shape of "Tara" and "Lever" that appears in the popular comic "Tokyo Tarareba Musume" (written by Akiko Higashimura and published by Kodansha) on February 21st. The price is 180 yen (excluding tax).

Gummy in the shape of "Tara" (cod milt) and "liver" (liver), which are phantom characters that can only be seen by Rinko, the main character of the work. Acerola flavor with citric acid.

The product comes with a comic-style balloon memo that captures the conversation between Tara and Leva and the daily scenes of the main characters. 60 x 60 mm square size, 20 types in total, 15 sheets per pattern. The first piece has the same lines as the original in the balloon, and you can write characters freely on the second and subsequent pieces.

Bandai "Tokyo Tarareba Musume Gummy"
Balloon memo image