Kotori Cafe "Green Jumbo Parakeet Curry"
"Green Jumbo Parakeet Curry" offered at Kichijoji store

Kotori Cafe has independently established February 22 as "Bird Day" because it can be read as "Chun Chun Chun". Along with the start of sales of the Green Jumbo Lottery, the "Green Jumbo Parakeet Lottery" campaign will be held at each store from February 22nd to March 16th.

Kotori Cafe "Green Jumbo Parakeet Lottery"
Green jumbo parakeet lottery

If you come to the store during the period, the "Green Jumbo Parakeet Lottery" will be distributed to the first 10,000 people, and special menus such as donuts, cakes, and curry will be offered in the image of green jumbo parakeets.

Green budgerigar donuts are handmade donuts made from "natural materials" coated with chocolate. To go only. The price is 380 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below)

Kotori Cafe "Green Budgerigar Donuts"
Faithfully reproduce every detail

Green budgerigar cakes are sold at the Omotesando and Shinsaibashi stores. At the Omotesando store, you can enjoy the flesh of mango, and at the Shinsaibashi store, you can enjoy yuzu lemon and chocolate custard cakes. The single item price is 800 yen each.

Kotori Cafe "Green Budgerigar Cake"
An expression that makes you like something

Green jumbo parakeet curry is a limited menu at the Kichijoji store. A curry with a green jumbo parakeet motif, which is characterized by "eye power", limited to 10 meals a day. Please check the official website for details as the sales dates are limited. The price is 1,000 yen.

Kotori Cafe "Green Jumbo Parakeet Curry"
Eye power ...!

The Green Jumbo Parakeet Lottery will be drawn on the last day of the campaign, and the winners will be presented with Green Jumbo Parakeet goods.