Gomagotama Chocolate
Sesame eggs x Tyrol Chocolate!

Gomatamago Chirorucho" supervised by Tokyo Tamago Honpo

Gomatamago Tirol Chocolate" supervised by Tokyo Tamago Honpo will be released at NewDays, NewDays KIOSK, and KIOSK in the JR East area on February 21. 6 pieces, priced at 270 yen (including tax).

The chocolates are a reproduction of the popular Tokyo souvenir "Tokyo Tamago Sesame Egg. The white chocolate with sesame seeds kneaded into it is wrapped with aromatic black sesame bean paste and a moist cookie.

The package and wrapping paper are designed to look just like the "Gomatamago". A box type (6 bags) with a handle, ideal for souvenirs, is also available.

Gomagotama Chocolate
Perfect for souvenirs